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Title: I understand a great deal of this frustration
Post by: Nanling on December 16, 2020, 01:43:33 AM
So will I be able to play with mm20 still since this is on a new program or? Gems would not have taken over anyhow. Madden Cash has been the only currency that transported over. I was not really banking carrying over, mostly waiting for something much more worthwhile later in the summer that never came. Maybe hoping I could blow them on some type of year score packs for next year. Edit: I was wondering if that means we could nevertheless play madden 20 next year? The program must be so broken by now they can't even upgrade much without breaking it. I don"t understand why most individuals are angry about MM21. Yeah, no heritage will sting for a couple weeks, but I'm looking forward. It is a Mut 21 coins ( sport men. An aggressive match, but a match regardless. Y'all behaving like that will physically hurt you.

They took away captains. I was prepared to grind my favourite team but no it is just coaches and schemes. Ok, I'm kind of thankful for no moving over this year, besides madden cash and logos. But I might be mad, IDK. Must have known something was up when an offer for 30,000 at MC over 60 days for just $19.99 popped up in the shop. Figured EA was only being nice because it was the end of the season. Silly roamin. Like an idiot, I bought without checking the news here . You gotta admit, u/EA_Messina, fairly shady stuff from the company. Feels like hit 3 for me. Edit: whatever you do, don't alter your mind later. With this statement, I'm going to begin unloading all of the MC I have saved up. Deciding the last minute to go ahead and move it into the new app would definitely burn a bridge here.

I understand a great deal of this frustration. We tried to inform you ahead of the new field pass so you may make your own choice on how best to proceed. New App doesn't enable transfer of any sort. It is not an option we chose to neglect. I expect you tune into the streams and see a great deal of the new things M21M has to offer, there's a whole lot to be shown every Monday for another month. 1st Party App stores don't allow transfers. What happens if we still have MC equilibrium at the end of the season? Could you shed any light about the rationale behind this bold move? I'd have to assume it's upgrading the motor or the frame for which they want the game built. Madden 15-20 have been somewhat similar concerning design, together with live events, seasons, and these. Madden 25 (if you played that back) was enormously different, and also the very last program before this new iteration which has buy mut coins madden 21 ( been occurring for 6 decades.
Title: Re: I understand a great deal of this frustration
Post by: DevinWard on December 19, 2020, 07:09:23 PM
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Title: Re: I understand a great deal of this frustration
Post by: extream on February 20, 2021, 09:08:24 AM
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Title: Re: I understand a great deal of this frustration
Post by: hookstefan on February 20, 2021, 09:12:02 AM
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Title: Re: I understand a great deal of this frustration
Post by: alexjohn on February 22, 2021, 07:13:42 AM
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