Author Topic: The archetype process is the Madden 21 coins  (Read 38 times)


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The archetype process is the Madden 21 coins
« on: December 31, 2020, 05:44:37 AM »
They look goofy and pretty much identical to Mut 21 coins one another. Edit: Added a few more and it is mostly off the top of my head and what my friends and I've talked about.

This. So much. Also if they just worked on uniforms (make them move marginally independent of the participant, flap in wind, so that they feel like clothing hanging from a participant and not a uniform paint job on a model). . Think hair physics but with outfits.

And get rid of role certain updates, allow me to spend things on whatever I want. Occasionally I want to update the harm rating so when I am reckless with my QB he will not get hurt yes. Another example is with WRs.

I will be honest with you, I largely upgrade my gamers manually since the system set up is dumb as hell.

I see no real issue with this in an offline league. Can you in theory change a wr to rb and use the upgrade points such as that and switch them back?

No, the archetype process is the cheap Madden 21 coins perfect way to go about the updates. Especially in a league with others. Otherwise everyone is saving up those XP points for pace. How it is now is Far Better than just selecting what to update

Agreed. This was really 1 portion of the game I was very content with. I've been in leaugues b4 and everyone did just that. Speed is such a major difference maker in this game.

Using XP for speed makes more of a gap than any other attribute. Taking the uograde system would be a step backward.