Author Topic: With the cash app team, learn about how to transfer money from Apple pay to Cash  (Read 60 times)


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Don’t know about the process to transfer money from Apple pay to Cash App? Want to troubleshoot the cash app problems? If yes then you just need to get in touch with our cash app customer support. We offer quick solutions so contact us for more details.


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Apple gives customers the option to transfer money from Apple Pay Cash to a bank account or debit card. This can be done by using the Instant transfer Service provided by Apple. With Instant Transfer, you can Transfer Money From Apple Pay To Cash App. Money should be ready within 30 minutes.


Considerable Step To Follow:


1) Open the Wallet app on your iPhone, then go to Apple Pay Cash card and use three-dot in the corner for settings. Follow the same for your iPad.

2) Touch the Information tab and then Transfer.

3) Enter an amount and tap Next.

4) Touch Instant Transfer.

5) Use the Add Card option and follow instructions given on your screen.

6) Select the Visa debit card you want to use and select payment information for the debit card you have selected.

7) Some fees will be deducted from the transfer amount at any time.

I hope these steps will be helpful!
Mark Wilson