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How Does WVD Benefit Your Organization
« on: March 31, 2021, 09:24:24 AM »
Following are some benefits of Azure WVD

One of the main benefits of WVD is that a user can access their desktop from anywhere they have internet access, using their company-issued device, a shared work computer, or their own device. So an employee who finds themselves stuck in a remote location would be able to dial in and have their same desktop experience with all its functionality and personalization.

By using WVD, an enterprise can realize cost savings in several ways. First, hosting on Azure greatly reduces the infrastructure needed, mainly servers and the rooms to house them in. Also, with employees being able to work from anywhere, the amount of office space needed is less, especially when options for shared work spaces.
Labor savings will also be significant since you won't need as many full-time employees to maintain a vast infrastructure. Also, a part of labor savings will come from needing less help desk support staff. This is because desktops are created virtually with the latest versions, so there are no issues with installation or older versions.

For companies that will allow employees to bring their own device (BYOD), the budget for new devices can be reduced since those companies are relying on the employee.

Scalability and Security
A company that wants to grow quickly can do so with WVD. Massive rounds of hiring don't need to be hindered by new infrastructure setup or device procurement in a BYOD setting. For company-issued devices, the processes of creating an image, app packaging, and app deploying aren't necessary. Conversely, an organization that is going through a re-organization or layoffs can easily downsize the amount of users on WVD, and if it was a BYOD environment, it isn't stuck with devices and servers that will become outdated soon.

• No third-party access to your data or information

• Critical data are maintained in-house.

• You don’t have to rely on an internet connection for accessing the data.

• More cost-effective for start-ups and small to mid-sized companies.

• Maintenance handled by the company you have taken the server on lease

• The company would handle all the recent server updates

If you opt for rented servers, you get the option of switching on some other upgraded server configuration as your business expands. You have a predictable monthly rent, and you don’t need to pay anything up front. With future expansion capability, you get the flexibility of keeping up with your competitors. Know more about Desktop as a Service Pricing in detail.

I hope this information will be helpful!
Mark Wilson