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Greubel Forsey GMT Cheap watch GMT Quadruple Tourbillon Online
« on: November 20, 2020, 06:26:29 AM »
Greubel Forsey launches Balancier S with tilted balance wheel To enter today's haute horology world, more or less innovative movement designs are required, but few brands do this as luxuriously as replica Greubel Forsey watches. Although many of its most famous attempts are gorgeous complication models, sometimes the brand's most compelling release is the simplest. Of course, this includes Greubel Forsey's latest announcement, which elevates the concept of a simple three-hand sports watch to a horological wonder with several unique features. Greubel Forsey Balancier S combines a unique shape and a stunning new balance design, bringing a sense of the future.

Greubel Forsey Balancier S's 43mm titanium case shape made its debut in last year's GMT Sport. From above, the form of this integrated strap looks very simple, but a slight change of perspective can reveal the true nature of this design. The entire watch case is arched, forming a continuous curve from one end of the frame to the other, which greatly changes the geometry of the frame and the frame from one end to the other. The sides of these cases have deep trapezoidal cuts, exposing the black rubber middle shell, adding visual and tactile texture.

Although the shape of the bezel is impressive, the etched marks around it are "perfect" and "smart" at best, but intoxicating at worst. The one-hour or one-minute scale could have been a good display of Grobel Fauci's sculptures, while also providing some useful functions. However, what is more impressive than the shape of the bezel is the sapphire crystal that matches it with its amazingly complex curves. The bottom cover also has its own sapphire display window, while maintaining the sports watch requirements of 100 meters water replica watches

When the Balancier S's case expresses its shape with a smooth curve, the dial returns with a sharp and steep angle. Except for the minute trace that matches the oval arc of the case, the rest under the crystal is controlled by a grainy silver main dial, which is pie-shaped around 12 o'clock. However, at 6 o'clock, this more traditional angle is interrupted by a pure plane that shows one of the iconic features of the watch. The exposed balance wheel at 6 o'clock is undoubtedly the core of this semi-framework design. It has a series of complex and unique solutions that can be placed at a 30-degree angle to the rest of the movement.

As a result, the element escapement was promoted as a showcase of Greubel Forsey's expertise. In addition to this unique touch, there is also a small, small seconds dial similar to the dial. The main listener is a pair of red skull arrows, supported on the top of the engraved titanium alloy bridge, showing many gear trains. This is a clean, modern solution that avoids most of the visual clutter usually associated with skeleton design. The double coaxial barrel assembly at 11 o'clock further emphasized this point, which was fully rotated in more than three hours and once again displayed the brand's exquisite carvings. Finally, the power reserve indicator of the cleaning campaign helps balance the overall visual weight.copy Luxury Watches

Although the internal manual winding mechanism inside the Greubel Forsey Balancier S has less complexity than some of its stabilizing devices, it keeps the brand’s innovative horological spirit through a small number of patent-pending technologies. In addition to vision glasses, the angled balance wheel named after Balancier S can also offset the small errors caused by the pull of gravity in a stable position. The side of the dial adds a visual highlight to the escapement and gear train, while the decoration of the back cover has obvious geometry and modernity. Almost the entire bridge across the movement is made of frosted titanium with mirror-polished bevels. Thanks to the coaxial double barrel, Balancier S provides a complete 72-hour power reserve at a tempo of 21,600 bph.

Greubel Forsey paired the Balancier S with a black rubber flowing one-piece strap. The integration with non-traditional watch cases is impressive, especially the grooves along the sides directly enter the side openings of the titanium case. On the inside, the strap has the same texture as the bezel, and it is matched with a matching titanium open buckle to make the appearance more perfect. This is a sporty, futuristic design that can fit well with the overall packaging.

Although Greubel Forsey may not be the first high-end watch brand that comes to mind when discussing dedicated sports fake watches for men, Balancier S is cutting-edge, with great efforts that demonstrate the strength of the brand.