Author Topic: Possessing a badge destroys badges' purpose  (Read 88 times)


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Possessing a badge destroys badges' purpose
« on: December 25, 2020, 03:46:03 AM »
I only think it ought to be a required badge for bigs. Almost every large in the league apart from Kristaps has a group jumper. Turner, towns, Bertans, olynyk. Just to name a few who are shooters and take fairly fast. Towns includes a set taken Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins. Turner and olynyk don't shoot slow, but they shoot open shots for the most part. Bertans is 6'9 so when he had been a myplayer his jumper wouldn't have been slowed. See what they dont understand is a set shot may nevertheless be quick.look at cities or aldridge irl. What people hated were '3 bigs skipping 5 feet in the air its tough to competition.

The thing about that entire thing is that WE the player don't have to be like these players that have set shots. Therefore now, the argument that says 90% of bigs have set except porzingus, goes outside the window. They can be porzingus if players want. As long as there is that one player out the normal, any or every participant can be that extraordinary player if they would like to. How many players that are KD are in the league? Nevertheless in alot of gamers proved to be a 6'10 point forward. 2k can never restrict a construct as long as there is a really player.

It's about balance. Should they let everyone make an all around stud construct, sure. But you can not actually make so that argument does not hold water, a build like KD. If you make a 6'10" point ahead, he won't be as fit as KD because you had to sacrifice athleticism to your height. Since you sacrificed a portion of that for the ball handling he will not take. He will not play defense or end like KD because you chose to place the majority of your things into ball handling and shooting, or because you forfeited wingspan to receive his shot closer to KD's. At shooting AND something else bigs shouldn't get to be elite since we're all glorified role players.

In 2k17 a 6'10 powerforward may play like KD since, just like in recent 2ks, you dont need high attributes to carry out well. With 2k17, you might literally have every badge but it would be about bronze. My argument was against nerfing assembles simply because players in real life don't perform like exactly what they do in NBA 2K21, or that there is not many players in the present nba that plays just like a 2k stretch large. That is a plot hole because there is always likely to be a player, in real life, that breaks the obstacle to some point it effects 2k gameplay. So stating that bigs have to all have set shots like majority of the nba's bigs doesnt make sense.

I'm mixed with it. It ceased from using lightning quick jumpshots non shooting assembles. Not everyone in basketball can shoot quickly, therefore for builds that can't shoot needed to make a sacrifice if they are interested in having the ability to shoot faster or better using their restricted badges. However as a individual with shooting in their build, this is a pain in the buttocks squeezing these badges. I have a 81 3 chunk but, my guy took 12 years to take, therefore it was impossible to get an open look with no being contested. And because I utilize HoF QD, that has four badges that could've went. There's a good deal of gimmicky badges I want to test but when 95% of my badges are tied to shooting badges, you can not really experiment.

Make speed or even cartoons be tied into your stats that are shooting? Kind of like dribble moves are tied into chunk handling. Because I really don't need to see that a 7 foot glass cleaner using a 51 3 ball jumping 4 feet in greening and two milliseconds to the atmosphere. Shit looks absurd. Just make it non shooting at bigs. So under a 50 3 point evaluation can use slow shots. If ur 3 is finished that you may use jump shot founder or use quick shots. No need to get a badge for this. Mike Wang last year about that time said that men were only allowed to have put shots. And then also the named YouTubers along with Twitter whined and got that changed after the statement like a week.

2K has the potential to earn good basketball games but, they listen to the worse parts of the 2K community. If they stopped caving in to the idiotic Twitter community along with the YouTubers that rely on pops and cheese to be helpful, 2K would be in a much better place right now. Individuals are saying Mike Wang said they had issues with set shots being private for bigs however, I can not find that anywhere. I visit his announcement on Twitter just saying not to be concerned about assembles because jumpshots will be exactly the same. And of course I find it difficult to believe a dev will announce a brand new feature a month before release and then less than a week afterwards, states the attribute wouldn't be in NBA 2K21.

If you are going with that then may too take out grab and take, touch finisher, intimidator, and quick first step because those have all been must haves for me. No just take out intimidator. Or make it work on competitions. The other ones make sense to have. They could maybe take contact finisher and instead of having bundles of touch dunks you have every separate dunk and you need to figure out which ones trigger the maximum and which ones work the best. Like how people look for the jumpshot that is very best, you are going to need to look for the ideal contact dunks.

Quick attraction is a MUST have is it? I guess it depends on the jumpshot you are using. I use quickdraw but merely on bronze. Anything is just too much for me. And once you have Deadeye on HoF does it really matter how quickly you get away the ball? 99 percent of their time? Take and catch is in precisely the exact same boat. Deadeye, hot zone hunter, Volume shot and variety extender are the only MUST HAVE shooting on badges in my personal opinion nba2king. Intimidator isn't run by me either but I had 5 defensive upgrades available so I put them pickpocket and clamps.