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Software Development Concepts Discussion / you missed on that Supre
« on: January 29, 2021, 05:20:27 AM »

Next on the list, we’ve got Yeezy “Ash Blue”.nike air force 1 sale  And as the name suggests, the kicks feature different shades of blue on the upper. The yellow stripe breaks the monotony and gives the kicks an awesome appearance. It kinda gives a darker Yeezy Israfil vibe, if you know what we mean.Finally, we go back to plain whites and creams with the new Yeezy “Ash Pearl”. The white and cream Primeknit brings back memories of all the white Yeezys we love. All these kicks are scheduled to drop in SS21, so not really long from now!

So, you missed on that Supreme Bogo on release day, nike air force 1 shadow and swore you’d get it from the aftermarket? Well, it’s not this easy. Fake Supreme items infiltrated the industry, and it’s getting harder to spot them by the minute! So here we are sharing with you the red flags along with some tips and tricks. If you’re new to the Supreme game, this is what you need before rushing off to the resale market!

The holidays are always a reason for more sneaker shopping. nike outlet sale uk As if we needed any more reasons. But it’s different every year with brands going all out with their hot holiday releases. This season though is extra saucy with colorful kicks that feel like summer! So le

We’d be trippin’ if the pandemic wasn’t on top of our nike air force 1 men WWW list. Coronavirus crossed the world at an unbelievable speed, and the whole world went into lockdown. But that didn’t really stop the spread. People fell ill, and many died. The lockdown affected so many businesses and many fell out of work. This caused money trouble for small and big companies alike, and some managed better than others. On the other hand, big sneaker companies took some great initiatives to fight Covid-19. The resale market, though? It stood strong through it all, and the $2B industry is still as good as ever. However, the value of many sneakers dropped on the aftermarket according to owners and specialists. So the question must be asked: Would resale values of sneakers be higher if it wasn’t for the pandemic?

Digital Marketing Concepts Discussion / Nous les adorons les baskets hyp
« on: January 29, 2021, 05:19:20 AM »

Nous les adorons les baskets hype, elles rendent le jeu de baskets très intéressant!nike air max femmes Et cette année a été à un autre niveau d'excitation avec toutes les sorties incroyables de Dunk. Mais le battage médiatique ne suffit pas pour terminer l’année, nous avons besoin de quelque chose de plus grand et de meilleur. C’est alors que Sean Cliver entre en jeu. Oui, LE Sean Cliver. Le gars derrière les Strangelove Dunks et l'art effrayant. Voici donc tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les prochains Sean Cliver Dunks!

Les chansons spanglish ont toujours fait partie de la culture air max homme pas cher Cependant, lorsque Despacito a chuté, cela a amené les artistes Reggaeton à un nouveau niveau d'exposition! De nouveaux fans ont sauté à bord et la base s'est agrandie. Et avec cette popularité, obtenez des opportunités dans des endroits auxquels vous ne vous attendez pas! La nouvelle collaboration J Balvin Jordan 1 en est un exemple, et nous n'en avons que l'amour!

Ainsi, Ganesh Bot a rejoint la communauté assez récemment, 2019 pour être air max femme pas cher Il a rapidement généré de l'influence et est devenu assez célèbre sur différentes plateformes, comme la sneaker Reddit et Twitter. Les utilisateurs ne jurent que par lui, et bien, ce ne serait pas si populaire si ce n’était pas si bon! Le bot n'est malheureusement pas un robot tout-en-un, mais il prend en charge les sites Footsites et Mesh. Et si vous ne recherchez pas vraiment beaucoup de flics mais que vous voulez la capture exclusive, Footsites est l'endroit où vous devriez aller. Ganesh Bot prend également en charge Off-White, Slam Jam et plus encore, vous êtes donc à peu près couvert. Bien que certains puissent considérer qu'il est négatif de prendre en charge quelques sites Web, nous ne sommes pas d'accord. Lorsque vous avez une portée limitée de travail, vous pouvez vous concentrer dessus. Et apparemment, c'est exactement ce que les développeurs ont fait là-bas.

La silhouette de la Air Jordan 12 est assez impressionnante. Cependant, il n'a nike air max vente en ligne pas reçu le battage médiatique qu'il mérite comme les autres silhouettes. Mais tout comme les silhouettes hype ont leurs mauvais jours, les silhouettes normales obtiennent leurs moments de célébrité. Lorsque Michael Jordan a secoué la Jordan 12 ce jour fatidique, il ne savait pas qu'il était entré dans l'histoire des baskets! Jordan Flu Game est devenu une sneaker éternelle grâce à un malheur. Et des années plus tard, Jordan 12 Reverse Flu Game rend hommage au OG Jordan 12 Flu Game! Alors êtes-vous prêt pour une vague de nostalgie? Parce que nous sommes sûrs.

Consultancy Concepts Discussion / When Nike ends the year
« on: January 29, 2021, 05:17:56 AM »

When Nike ends the year, they make sure they end it with a outlet sale uk  When you drop kicks as cool as the Sean Cliver Dunks, you can’t go back anymore! So what better way to keep up with the hype than another feisty collab? The new Nike SB Medicom Blazer is not only feisty but hairy too. Let’s check out all the release deets and why you need to add it to your wish list! After all, Nike Dunks ruled 2020, and NSB ruled them Dunk drops!

2021 is a blink of an eye away from us, nike air max 95 mens and with it come the new sneakers. 2020 definitely had some pretty amazing releases. Actually, it’s pretty hard to top some of this year’s drops, but brands can try, and they will surely deliver. So let’s check out some of 2021’s best sneakers that we know of. We’ll also dedicate a section for kicks that fall under the “rumor” section! Whether you’re a Yeezy, Dunk, or Jordan fan, we’ve got something for you. And if you wanna wrap the year in an interesting way, we’ve got the thing for you. Here are the worst events that went down in the sneaker industry this year!

2020 was a long and tiresome year, and that’s an understatement. nike air max 97 mens With everything that was going on throughout the past 12 months, we hardly could keep tabs! And even though many of us would survive the year a quick recap wouldn’t hurt. However, the impact of Covid-19 is the exception because so many of us lost loved ones, especially in the US. It’s hard to forget something like that. On a lighter note though, let’s check out everything that went wrong in the sneaker industry this year. God knows there were a lot of things that could have gone worse. So here it is: The worst of the worst in 2020’s sneaker industry!

Yeezys, Yeezys, and more Yeezys! Although the kicks aren’t as nike air vapormax womens popular as they were a couple of years ago, they’re still there. And consistency is what matters in this game! Yeezy’s fanbase, if anything grew bigger and bigger through people who joined the sneaker industry post-2018 and later. So keeping track of colorways is pretty difficult. But if you want, we can tell you what Yeezys restocked through the years! And today, we’re adding a new colorway to the party. So let’s all welcome the new Yeezy Sand Taupe!

Data Science Concepts Discussion / You probably heard about the backlash
« on: January 29, 2021, 05:16:26 AM »

So, 2020 and 2021 really are the years we go back to the oldies, aren’t they? nike outlet online  The CLOT and Nike collabs went on everybody’s radar when they did the AF1s. However, these were not the first releases. In fact, the Kiss of Death Air Max 1 is one of the earlier collabs between the two companies. The 2006 design is inspired by the Chinese art of pressure points. Although the name “Kiss of Death” is a pretty grim idea, the kicks are definitely very popular. They’re actually worth $1,500+ on the aftermarket! In 2021, CLOT and Nike are celebrating this pair’s 15th anniversary by dropping it once again. So make sure you follow this pair closely, it’ll be worth it.

You probably heard about the backlash the designer received from the crowds. nike clearance sale  Virgil Abloh is a pretty influential figure in streetwear and high-end fashion. Especially since he was the first black designer to hold a high position at a French brand like Louis Vuitton. However, his statements during the BLM protests were controversial. Later on, he felt inspired and donated $50 to support Fempower that helps with the legal fees of arrested protesters. The public didn’t take that very well, especially that the Off-White apparel isn’t by any means cheap. Some people even expressed their outrage through Wikipedia, but that has long been changed.

At first glance, Yeezy Sand comes in a pretty bland colorway. nike air max 270 mens  However, when we look closely, we notice details in the upper that otherwise, we wouldn’t see! The Primeknit upper features a patchwork-like brown upper with hints of light orange atop the translucent stripe. The whole thing sits on a brown ribbed midsole that covers the Boost cushioning. Finally, we’ll get bungee laces which are becoming a standard for the 350s. So all in all, it’s a pretty awesome pair of sneakers that rocks earth colors.

Well, we lied. That’s a lot of colors nike air max 270 womens , but we’re in love with every bit! The new J Balvin Jordan 1 features a pretty sick mix of colors with a tie-dye vibe. It also features jagged edges along the toebox, heel, and collar. Moreover, a bit of customization never hurts with such a design. On the heel, there’s a patch with J Balvin’s signature smiley face. You can actually remove this patch and use the Jumpman, the basketball, or the lightning bolt. Finally, the look is complete with the same smiley face on the tongue!

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